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My Domain Registrar provides DNS hosting for free so why would I pay
someone else to host my domain's DNS?

For most people the DNS hosting provided by their Domain Registrar is perfectly adequate.
However, in some cases, this free DNS service is missing features you need:-

You can't create certain types of DNS records, such as TXT, SPF or SVR.

You can only create a single MX record.

You can't create sub-domains or delegate them to other DNS servers.

DNS Max offers:-

A comprehensive DNS Hosting service.

It's managed by humans so any changes are made accurately and without causing any down-time to your website or email. (With DNS, a missing full-stop could mean your email doesn't arrive)

Advanced features not offered by other DNS hosting services.

What does it cost?

  £1.85+VAT/month for the 1st domain hosted with us.

£1.00+VAT/month for additional domains hosted with us.

There's nothing else to pay!
Sub-domains are free, no extras charge for setting-up, transferring records or leaving.
You pay for 12 months hosting in advance but can cancel at any time, and for any reason, and we'll refund any unused full months.

DNS Max Advanced Features

Weighted Round Robin.

Dynamic IP addresses tracked to a DNS name with updates using standard DNS protocol.
(requires client software running on the tracked network.)

Backup mail-server so, if your single mail-server fails, our mail-server will hold onto your incoming emails indefinitely and continually try to forward them to your server. Also, a copy of waiting mail can be sent to an external email address such as Gmail. (£3.75 first domain, £1.49 additional domains.)

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